About the society

The Society of Developmental Biology (Gesellschaft für Entwicklungsbiologie e.V. or GfE), founded in 1975, comprises scientists from German-speaking countries who address developmental questions in the areas of genetics, molecular biology, medicine, zoology, and botany. The GfE Society aims to promote research in developmental biology and dissemination of new findings to the scientific and non-scientific communities. The GfE organizes biennial scientific conferences that span several days and supports various activities of its members, including workshops and symposia. The GfE School, which aims to promote the advancement of Master’s and doctoral students as well as early stage postdocs, is a further biennial event. The GfE also presents awards for outstanding achievements in the area of developmental biology with monetary support from private foundations. The GfE is a member of the International Society of Developmental Biologists (ISDB). Currently, the GfE has 380 members within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. All GfE members are also Community Members in the umbrella association VBIO.